Services and Instructions

Service Supported Platforms Description
MyDesk Direct Connect None - Retired ATTENTION: Due to it's relatively low usage, increased support costs and legacy technologies, MyDesk Direct Connect has been RETIRED.

You still have the option to use Remote Desktop Connection via Presented Apps (see "Presented Apps" below). You can also use Remote Desktop Connection from any Progressive machine to connect to another Progressive machine.

If you have issues or questions not covered by this page, call the Support Center at 888-746-4500.

Presented Apps

(Follow link for configuration and usage instructions)
Multiple devices and platforms This solution replaced the previous MyApps solution. Use this service if you want to run common presented applications (ie Word, Excel, IE) from your personal iOS, Android or Windows devices. Unlike the retired MyDesk Direct Connect solution, you do NOT need to use the MyAccess Portal to access Presented Apps after the initial setup in the Horizon client.

Note: You can use Remote Desktop Connection via Presented Apps to connect to your Progressive PC, as long as it is turned on and connected to the Progressive network.